Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Eden Gumbesi Centre.

What your donation could do and buy:

$1-1meal per child

$ 2 – 1 pair of school socks for orphaned childrenIMG_20160430_144949
$ 10 – 1 pair of school shoes.
$ 20 – 1 full school uniform.
$ 50 – feeds five children for a full week.
$ 70 – pays medical attention.
$ 360 – sponsors one child for a full year.

Please…make a donation today.

Every £, $, € or DM you can spare will make a BIG difference to the lives of our children. 

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You can make a real difference to the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children that we care for in Gumbesi Village.

Click here to sponsor a child or donate any amount you choose, as little as $1 , by clicking on the donate button below or via M-PESA.  and if you want to donate via a check kindly contact us for the Bank Details.

Every penny you can spare will be gratefully received and the entire amount will be spent on the welfare of the children. GOD Bless You.

MPESA Details

Till Number: 709952

How to donate via MPESA

  1. Scroll down to M-PESA on your phone
  2. Choose Buy Goods and Services from M-PESA menu
  3. Enter Till No:  709952
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Enter Secret PIN and Press OK
  6. A summary page appears which shows details of customer payment
  7. OK the summary before the payment can be sent

NB: Payments can only be made by registered MPESA users